Business Strategy and
Organisation Culture

“Building a visionary company requires one percent vision and 99 percent alignment”
– Jim Collins and Jerry Porra

Strategy Development

We start with the business and work with you to build alignment  between business leaders and their teams to strengthen your foundation in these rapidly changing times. Whether you are trimming, pruning or completing reshaping your company or department for its next growth, we help you create common language and establish strong commitment throughout the organization.

We do this through one-on-one coaching and through team engagements focused on creating a practical, actionable plan to execute and deliver exceptional outcomes for the organization.

We help you ensure the organisation’s vision, mission, strategic goals, critical success factors (the things you have to do to win), and the foundation of any organization, “Its Values”, are fully aligned to the new normal.

With our work, we join with you to ensure your strategy is owned by each employee and they fully understand how their role and responsibilities aligns to help the team, business unit and company achieve its goals. And in support, we work to ensure your leaders are prepared to grow your business and have the trust of your employees.

Shaping of Culture

With our background, we help organisations create both the strategy and culture needed to shift out of old, set in the way plans and attitudes. It is said that culture dominates strategy and we can personally testify to this.

Many do not recognise the competitive advantage a strong, purposely driven culture can have on your bottom line results. And conversely how much a poor or limiting culture has on the best strategy. For example, if the culture of the company is challenged by accountability, the best strategy will go nowhere without engaging and aligning the employees to embrace accountability as a good thing.

Culture brings leaders and teams together as one trusted team by defining shared healthy beliefs, behaviours, and performance commitments. For those organisations wanting a cultural shift, we help leaders to identify their ideal culture and take the necessary steps to make the cultural shift. Depending on the organisation, for some it is reinforcing or building on an existing strong platform, and for others, it is being willing to really step back and explore the default and desired stated culture that will shape the future.

We help you ensure these are not just ‘words on a wall’ but that they are lived behaviours to boost your strategy and your bottom line.

Post-Merger/Acquisition Integration

We have been on the “buy” as well as the “sell” side of many business transactions. Typically, where mergers and acquisitions fail are in the integration phase. The visionaries who painted the picture of a combined organisation are generally not the same leaders that execute on bringing the companies together. We help organisations to align  the new leadership team and integration goals, anticipate problem integration areas, marry up cultural attributes, and work through the change process. We have extensive experience in building TRUST, ALIGNMENT, and GROWTH into your ‘acquisition integration’ plan to help you get back to taking care of your customers, achieving the goals of the acquisition, and increasing employee productivity.

We also have experience coaching and partnering privately held, family business owners in the sale of the business from selection of the broker to closing of the transaction and transition of the employees.

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