Tom has been a strategic partner and coach to me and my business for several years.  With Tom, you are getting someone ‘who has been in the strategic leader’s seat’ and who has helped transform companies with his practical approach. Tom’s blend of the people’s side along with his understanding of what it takes to create a strategy and culture that are competitive advantages for organisations for a successful business are a unique blend that serves him and his clients well.

I really like the name he chose for his company, as I find myself using the terms of trust, alignment, and growth more and more in my business.  Tom’s ability to take these three words and bring them to life in his coaching and consulting work are great tools and resources that will help benefit individuals and companies.  He helped my company understand and create alignment with our strategies, trust with our culture and relationships, and growth strategies for our business and employees.

Business Owner

Tom has been coaching me for a number of months during what has been one of the most challenging and transformative times in my life and career. His advice and support are invaluable and I have seen great results in a short period of time. He has provided me with impactful tools I will continue to apply into the future.

What I particularly appreciate is Tom’s holistic approach to coaching and how we looked at personal as well as career goals allowing for progress to happen on a number of fronts generally resulting in increased overall fulfilment.

From a career perspective, I have no doubt that through his coaching, I am growing into my leadership potential and moving to the next level of my career. I would recommend Tom to anyone who appreciates the adage, “what got you here won’t get you there”, and wants some strategic advice and tools to expedite that journey.

Professional Attorney, Global Technology

Tom has been working with us at Iarnród Éireann Irish Rail just over a year now.  He has coached a number of our middle to senior managers.  In our coaches, we look for someone who understands the business but also is able to make a connection with individuals or teams.

The ease at which he makes a connection and raises awareness for the coachee and his ability to quickly understand the business has led to  significant results.

We are thrilled to be working with Tom and I really highly recommend him to you or your organisation.

Head of Talent Management

I am a big beneficiary of Tom’s 1-on-1 coaching.   While we come from different cultures, Tom’s very humane  approach to coaching helps you unravel yourself to find answers to some of the important questions you are grappling with, whether it is work or personal.

I highly recommend him as your coach and companion to better understand yourself as a person and work out effective steps to reach for your next set of goals!

No matter your country or background, Tom’s personal approach makes you think and work out solutions that is bespoke and suited for yourself. I was grappling with career defining decisions and coaching sessions with Tom always gave me a plan to systematically work towards my goals.

Director, International Technology Consultant

I was fortunate to meet Tom at a point when I was “stuck” and struggled to focus on my next career move.  Over the course of several months we formed a working relationship based on trust and mutual respect, which allowed me to evolve and become more focused on my future plans.

Tom’s caring yet pragmatic style worked really well for me, inspiring me to come up with my own ideas and solutions.  He kept me accountable and on-task while he gave me space to grow and trust the process.

Tom is an effective and compassionate coach and I would strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a new direction in their career or in their everyday life.

Reinsurance Executive

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